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Read the flash fiction piece, "On a Clear Day", by M.V. Montgomery.


We are open for short stories and poem submissions for Issue #6, a double issue that will be released in November.

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Welcome back! After a hiatus longer than planned, we are gearing up for Issue #6, releasing November 2013.

In the mean time if you're curious about us, read some flash fiction or poetry on the site or buy any of our back issues. All digital copies of the magazine are 99 cents (the latest one is below)! If you're inclined, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Stay tuned for continued updates!


UPDATE: The November/December 2013 issue will be released on November 8th! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stalk stay tuned for all our updates!


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Trembles Issue #5 Sept/Oct 2012


This issue, read fiction by:

And poetry by:

And a book review of Just Shadows by Tara Fox Hall. The review is written by Teresa Kubalanza.


This issue comes after a long delay. For that, the editors apologize. The reasons don’t matter...or the real reasons don’t matter. Use your imagination: this is a horror magazine after all. Maybe monsters from the depths of hell punched through the topsoil of Earth and wreaked havoc on the editor’s lives; maybe the next door neighbor wooed us with cake and pie and delicious lemonades and when Andrew and I went over there, it was the wrong night to visit and she tried to murder us...and only one of us escaped; or maybe something horrendous escaped through the computer monitor and ate all of our fingers, because hey, fingers are the creature’s comfort food.

You hold in your hands, or e-reader, the September/October issue, which Andrew and I are proud off, regardless of the length of time from the last one. We are proud of each and every one we release. We hope to publish at least one more this year; hopefully, depending on submissions, we will be able to publish two more.

Keep on reading; keep on shrieking.

Gregory Thompson & Andrew Saxsma


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